Meow the Infinite is the epic story of a young girl whose universe is threatened by a destructive force beyond her comprehension, and the fearless starfaring feline with whom she must confront it.
Presented in serial comic form, new issues of Meow the Infinite appear about every two months. Low-resolution versions of all but the most recent issue are available to read on-line, and high-resolution versions of all completed issues are available for purchase (along with lots of other goodies!).
We recommend you just jump right in and start reading at the first issue. But if you’d like to know a little bit more about the main characters first, here’s a brief primer:
This is Valorie, budding space explorer. To her parents’ extreme displeasure, she’s never been able to say “no” to adventure. To date she’s put over fifty-thousand lightyears on the HMS Purrseus, the sloop her mother gave her for her sixteenth birthday. But she doesn’t travel alone…
This is Meow, Valorie’s loyal companion. He heralds from the planet Meow, where all the inhabitants are named “Meow”. Well, all except The Great Meows, of course, who gain a unique title should they one day distinguish themselves as public figures. Meow, unfortunately, is a House Meow, not a Great Meow, and so can never attain that honor. But that never stops him from trying!
This is BakeBot Digit, ship computer for the HMS Purrseus. He’s not the original ship’s computer  —  Valorie had that one removed. She didn’t like it’s attitude, and Meow didn’t care for its Frosticube recipe. So Valorie had Digit, her favorite BakeBot, installed as a replacement. What he lacks in navigation skills he more than makes up for at meal time, and his voracious appetite for non-fiction books always pays dividends when the crew finds themselves confronted with alien civilizations and artifacts.
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