How to read Meow the Infinite
There are two ways to read Meow the Infinite: there’s the high-resolution PDF issues that you can buy on the store page, and there’s the free low-resolution versions you can read on the web. This page has tips for getting the best reading experience on both.
First, thank you very much for supporting Meow the Infinite! There are lots of ways to read the high-resolution PDFs that come with the Digital Deluxe Edition. Depending on the device you want to use, here are some suggestions for programs that make it easier to organize and read all the issues of Meow (and the “Art of” book!):
For iPhone and iPad, Apple supplies a native PDF organizer and reader called Apple Books which comes pre-installed on most Apple devices. With it, you can organize your Meow the Infinite issues and art book, and even sync them across your devices using iCloud. For detailed instructions on how to use it, see Apple's PDF instructions page.
For Android devices, Google supplies a PDF organizer and reader called Google Books. It is not always pre-installed on Android devices, but it can always be downloaded and installed for free via Google Play. Once you’ve got it on your device, you can use it to read your Meow the Infinite issues and art book, and it will automatically sync them across your devices. For detailed instructions on how to upload PDFs, see Google's PDF uploading instructions.
For Windows, Mac, and Linux machines, most come pre-installed with a PDF reader, and of course all have file managers that let you easily organize your Meow the Infinite downloads however you wish. But if you’re unhappy with the default PDF reader on your platform, there are lots of other options.
Microsoft provides their own PDF Reader download for Windows, and Sumatra is an alternative free high-performance reader. Linux users have lots of choices for free PDF readers, including Okular and Evince. And if you’re looking for a cross-platform PDF reader and organizer, Calibre works on all three major platforms.
If you’re reading the free low-resolution web version…
Hopefully it “just works”, and you’re able to easily read through the freely available issues without much trouble. However, there are some advanced features you might want to explore if you’re a regular Meow the Infinite on-line reader:
You can always pinch-to-zoom any comic page on mobile devices that support it. It should work by default and behave as it does when you look at pictures or other zoomable displays.
The right and left sides of a comic page are actually hotspots that you can tap or click to turn the page forward or backward. You don’t need to scroll down to the bottom where the actual “next” and “previous” buttons are.
The middle of a comic page is also a hotspot that you can tap or click to show an overlay UI. Tap or click once to fade in the UI, which shows where the left/right turning regions are, and provides the standard top button bar that is normally hidden during reading. Tap or click in the middle of the page again to fade the UI back out and resume normal reading.
The archive shows you where you were when you come to it from a comic page. You can tap or click on the “archive” button at the bottom of any comic page, and it will bring you to the archive and highlight the page you were on with a thick border. This makes it much easier to see where you were, so you can jump to nearby pages quickly.